Our goal is to capture the essence of your small business, creating a brand both visually and in writing that showcases your individual personality, strengths and passion.



I have a background in journalism and graphic design and a passion to help other small business owners clearly communicate their message to potential clients or customers.

I’m one of those people who gets giddy over details — finding typos in books or newspapers, being organized, checking off lists. Sometimes I even add items I’ve already completed to my lists just so I can have the pleasure of checking them off and reflecting later on all that I’ve accomplished.

In college I discovered a love for writing and that I have a knack for that and editing. When it came time to choose a major, journalism seemed like a good fit. While I didn’t end up going on to become a magazine editor like I originally envisioned, I did discover that my education enabled me to be a better communicator overall and translated to a variety of avenues.

After college, I ended up working primarily in oncology for a local private practice that was later acquired by a university hospital system. There I continued to hone my communication skills, working my way up the ladder until I became a project coordinator and the executive assistant to the CEO and COO. I loved the challenge of balancing multiple projects, writing and editing policies and procedures and generally being proficient and paying close attention to detail.

Then came my two amazing little daughters, one right after the other (15 months apart), and I became a stay-at-home mom. I’m still home with them (homeschooling, no less…a whole new challenge), which is one of the reasons this business has been such a good fit.



Business Manager

With both bachelors and masters degrees in Business Administration and an extensive background in supply chain management, analysis and customer support, Kit is undoubtably the perfect business manager.

He is the one who keeps up on the day to day operations that some might find monotonous. Bookkeeping? Yep. Project management? He’s your guy. Customer service? You won’t meet a better person to work with. Ensuring deadlines are met? Let’s just say he’s known for getting things done early while Emily is known for get them done on time.

When he’s not helping keep this business running, Kit can be found working his day job (as an analyst at a logistics company), spending time with his family, bicycling, swimming or painting miniatures through his painting business, @kitdub Painting.

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