Branding is essential to every business. Trust is often won or lost based solely on branding. Because of this, we take a three-pronged view of branding that we believe is necessary for every successful business:


Naming of a company is a lot like naming a baby. You must think about how the name will hold up over time, whether your name should break all molds in uniqueness or whether that would be taking things a step too far based on the type of business you operate. While buzz words can be great, they can also cause you to fade into the background of everyone else who is using those same words.

Your company may already have a name. If so, we may stick with it or we may make slight tweaks that keep you identifiable but will help with long-term vision and growth of the company.


Right now image is what’s getting all the attention. We all know the benefits of having a visually appealing logo or wordmark and high-quality photos. “Seeing is believing,” as they say. Showcasing your products or services visually allows potential customers or clients to feel as though they know you or your products before they ever meet you or purchase your products.

Whether you are starting from scratch, have a logo that needs updating or need photos of you or your work, we can help! In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we also have graphic design and photography professionals we know and trust whom we can connect you with.


This is the most missed aspect of small business branding. We may be biased—Emily’s background is in journalism, afterall—but have you ever gone to buy something from a small business and then started reading the product descriptions or disclaimers or the like and been completely turned off by the lack of information, poor grammar or confusing language?

While proper writing may be a bit of a lost art, it’s not so lost that you can slap together quickly written content or copy and paste it from somewhere else and get away with it. Your website needs to sound like, well, you. Whether that “you” is your business (for those who focus more on the who) or your product (for those who focus more on the what).

We’ll help you identify your voice and either write or edit your content to ensure consistent voice and grammar.