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Branding is essential to every business. Trust is often won or lost based solely on branding. Because of this, we take a three-pronged view of branding that we believe is necessary for every successful business…
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Social Media Marketing

You provide photos or other content (or give me permission to find applicable content) and let me know the post frequency you’d like. Then I add appropriate text/hashtags and post according to schedule on various social media avenues, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Copywriting, Copyediting and Posting/Sending

This can include a broad variety of items including blog posts, emails, newsletters, documents, policies, procedures, website content, etc.

Web Design

From creating a business website to setting up an online storefront to updating your existing site or store, I have broad experience in helping small businesses with web design.

Etsy & Other Online Store Updates

One key aspect of success in online sales is how professional (while still being personable) you are. Typos, incomplete information and the like quickly send buyers on to the next shop. I am able to come to your Etsy or other ecommerce site with a fresh set of eyes (that of an editor, no less) to ensure your listings contain that perfect balance of information and personal connection. Need your photos watermarked? Listing verbiage edited (or maybe even written)? New listings added? I can help!


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